The Basics for all New York City trips:

  • Comfortable walking shoes!!!
  • Weather-appropriate jackets/sweaters/scarves (please check the weather the day before and morning of your trip)
  • Camera or camera phone (if bringing a phone, bring an external phone charger or backup camera)
  • A medium-sized day bag 
  • Water bottle
  • Sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen, hat)
  • Hand sanitizer, mask, vaccine pass (although many restrictions have been dropped, it still doesn’t hurt to bring all of these if you have them; please note: you can still do some things without being vaccinated in the city but many restaurants and shows still bar access. Please keep this in mind and if you have any questions, please contact us.)
  • Comfortable Hiking Shoes!!! (hiking boots already broken in are ideal, sneakers will do in a pinch for easier hikes; we will not allow crocs, flip-flops, or sandals. These types of shoes make it easier to twist an ankle, contract poison ivy, get snake bites, toe or foot injuries, etc.)
  • A Backpack (it is important to always have your hands free when hiking)
  • Extra socks and shirt (in case your feet get wet, you sweat through the shirt you are wearing, or you get too cold and need to layer up)
  • Water bottle or water bladder (even though we often provide water for each person, it is still important to bring your own water)
  • DEET-FREE Bug Deterrent/Spray (if hiking during bug season)
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses (useful for all seasons)
  • Small first aid kit – try to include the following: bandages of various sizes, alcohol prep pads, tweezers for ticks and splinters, antibiotic cream for scratches, sting relief pads if hiking during bug season, poison ivy/oak/sumac relief pads if hiking during summer, gauze for larger wounds and tape to keep it in place, miniature sunscreen lotion, hand warmers if hiking in winter/spring
  • A small plastic bag for your own garbage or if you want to pick up litter on the way out (LEAVE NO TRACE)
  • Flashlight or headlamp 
  • Matches, lighter, fire-starter 
  • Rain tarp, emergency blanket, paracord bracelet 
  • Whistle or mirror 
  • Small folding knife, Swiss Army knife, or multitool
  • Map or external phone charger 
  • Snacks (even though we will be providing some food for certain hikes, it is important to bring additional food on your trips)

For Day Hiking Trips:

Things Not to Bring on Hikes:

  • Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones (Nature is not the place to be blasting music and headphones block your ability to listen to your tour guide or listen for danger such as bears, weather conditions, cars and offroad vehicles, rattlesnakes, bees, wasps, running water, or falling tree limbs)
  • Plastic (reduce the amount of plastic you bring into Nature; many parks and trails have had to be closed in the years 2020 and 2021 due to excess litter and garbage left by disrespectful Nature-goers)
  • Handheld games (you are not going into Nature to play games)
  • Pets (this depends on the hike since not all are suitable for our furry friends; please check with your tour guide as exceptions may be made for service animals and emotional support animals)

For Overnight Hiking/Camping Trips:

In addition to all the things mentioned above in the day-hiking trips section, please also bring the following:

  • Shelter: sleeping bag and mat, hammock or tent, blanket, hiking pillow (do not bring the one on your bed at home)
  • More meals and snacks
  • More water
  • Cooking supplies: metal cups, sporks, bowls, stove (contact hiking guide in charge of your hike for more information)
  • Hygiene supplies: biodegradable wipes (LEAVE NO TRACE), toothbrush (preferably wooden in case you lose it – LEAVE NO TRACE), small shovel for going to the bathroom (all human waste must be buried – LEAVE NO TRACE)